Annual Programs and Campaigns

Help Our Current Troops and  Veterans

With all the “Support Our Troops” banners we see, it is just as important as supporting our troops currently serving overseas, let’s not forget our veterans who have served and are back home with us. They still need our help and support! Support the Wounded Warrior Project, the Veteran Support Foundation, and most important, call your local senator and representatives offices and demand that we support our veterans with REAL health care at the VA and support for their young families. They laid their lives on the line for our freedom, make a call and let your voice be heard so we can take care of those who have taken care of us!

Here are some great ways YOU can make a real difference for veterans:

  1. Be available to get a vet a ride. You can sign up at the Disabled American Veterans site.
  2. Donate to the Fisher House Foundation. When a solider is injured, serious illness, or other complicated medical condition and they are hospitalized, the Fisher House provides loved ones with a room to stay near the hospital. You can donate money, household items and even airline miles to help with the flights for loved ones. When my son was hospitalized while in the Marines, I stayed in the Fisher House and it was the difference for me holding it together while my son was in a coma for three days.
  3. Sponsor a dog to be a companion for a solider with PTSD. The struggle is real and while counseling and treatment can help, nothing has been more effective than a dog.
  4. Donate or Help Build a Home for a Disabled Vet – Ogilvy has led the charge in building homes for vets and you can get involved as well.
  5. End Veteran Homelessness. Yes, there are many veterans who are homeless. Call 877-4AID-VET, or 877-424-3838 to find out how you can help with getting every veteran a home.
  6. Simply say “thank you.” Taking time out of your day to thank a veteran will mean more to them than you will realize.