"Baseball In A Bag"

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    To All Patriotic Citizens: Give2TheTroops Needs YOUR Sponsorship!    

Give2TheTroops® is a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt, non-profit organization that sends care packages and letters to our deployed and wounded military troops in combat zones. We are non-political and support all branches of the service. Founded in December of 2002, by a U.S. Marine wife, our organization has grown to several branches in many states.  Since 2002, G2TT has sent more than 70,000 large boxes (averaging 65 lbs. each) to approximately one million American military troops deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo and other combat zones.

Let's Give our Troops a little RELAXATION, EXERCISE & RECREATION!

When we started Give2TheTroops, the goal was to do whatever it took to lift the troops' spirits.  If that meant sending over an XBOX system or a wrestling mat, then that's what we did. As long as our troops felt appreciated and had a boost of morale, we felt our Mission was worthwhile. 

Our organization is known for the "special requests care packages" we send.  Whether those requests are medical books for the Combat Support Hospitals, items for our canine troops, soccer equipment for local children, microwaves, religious materials, or other Humanitarian aid items, we will deliver ...  as long as money keeps coming in for postage and volunteers keep showing up to help!

That's why we're on a new quest and are excited to announce our latest campaign:
"Baseball In A Bag"™

What's more American than baseball?

(Above: SSgt Damian Dobbs and fellow Marines in Iraq with the baseball gear we sent)

It started with an idea from McGuire Baseball in Middletown, Connecticut. They wanted to send over some mitts and gloves to our troops, since we receive frequent requests for baseball items. The idea immediately grew with enthusiasm, and we decided that for those troops who were interested, we'd equip them with gear for an entire baseball team - outfitting them with the right amount of bats, gloves and balls, and customizing the gloves and catcher's mitts for their right-handed and left-handed players.


Thanks to McGuire Baseball, Brett Brothers, and John Valle Baseball, each bag we send to the
troops will include the following contents:


"Baseball In A Bag Contents
One (1) 5-pocket, weatherproof equipment bag to hold the bats, gloves, balls, etc.
One (1) NOCASE approved batting helmet 
One (1) NOCASE approved hockey-style catcher's mask

Three (3) Reinforced hardwood laminate bats (hard to break)  in 32", 33" and 34" sizes
Twelve (12) official league leather baseballs   
Eight (8) Professional model Pro-Legend gloves  - customized for right-handed and left-handed players according to the troops' specifications
One (1) Professional model Pro-Legend catcher's mitt - customized for right-handed and left-handed players according to the troops' specifications
Note: Softball bats and balls will be donated to those troops who prefer softball.


BECOME A SPONSOR ... and send a baseball kit to our troops team in Iraq, Afghanistan and other combat zones. A $500.00 sponsorship will pay for the entire "kit" featured above and includes your family, school, business, club or organization's embroidered name on the top of each bag. The Give2TheTroops logo is featured on the side of all bags.

CLICK HERE to see a list of our Sponsors!

If you want to donate used gloves, you can either donate them by sending them to McGuire Baseball or at Home Team Supply at: 749 Saybrook Road, Middletown, CT 06457.

For Connecticut donors, you may also bring your used gloves to McGuire Baseball and receive a $30 store credit towards a new glove.



We're also requesting financial donations to help pay for the overseas shipping costs to mail the baseball bags to our troops!

 Checks should be made payable to "Give2TheTroops, Inc."
             and mailed to:
             Give2TheTroops, Inc.
             P.O. Box 445
             Canton, CT 06019-0445

(Please write "Baseball" in the memo field of your check so we earmark those funds for our baseball campaign.)





1. Any U.S. military troop wishing to receive a "Baseball In A Bag"™ kit from us must sign up on our web site's TROOP SIGN UP page and in the Most Needed Items section, the troop must write his or her baseball-related requests. Give2TheTroops will follow-up with qualifying troops to get the team's glove and mitt specifications. This program is still in its initial stages, and is subject to sponsorship. You may send in your requests, but actual orders cannot be filled until we have sponsors.

2. Any person, company, organization or school who wishes to sponsor a baseball team may send along a check or money order as noted above, along with a note telling us their donation if for the "baseball bag". For each $500.00, we will place a letter inside each baseball bag indicating to the troops who co-sponsored their baseball team. Additionally, for each sponsored baseball bag, we will custom-embroider the sponsor's name on the top of the bag. The Give2TheTroops logo will be featured on the side of all bags.

 More Questions?

For donation or sponsorship questions, e-mail Carol Kana

If you have other baseball-related questions,
please conact Pat McGuire, our official "Baseball Director"

Thank you for your support!

The Give2TheTroops “family”