I Finally Won My Structured Settlement Case!

If you have suffered a personal injury you can claim the money as compensation. A financial arrangement is made depending on the outcome of the lawsuit. A ruling is granted by the judge in court and if deemed in favor, the claimant is awarded reimbursement intended to cover medical costs, pain, and suffering.

You have two main options. The first is to receive the cash in a lump sum. Most people have the tendency to blow it all so this is only advisable if you have the financial skills to invest for profit.

Another more beneficial option is the structured settlement. This is where the negotiated amount in agreement with the insurance company, which is usually more than the lump sum, is paid to you in installments. There are also various advantages regarding tax liabilities. You can choose between receiving payments for life (Life-Contingent Structured Settlement) or over a fixed period (Guaranteed Structured Settlement). You can be assured of a steady and reliable stream of additional income. Better fund management is obtained through this kind of settlement.

Sell Your Structured Settlement For Cash

Selling structured settlement for cashStructured settlements are initially designed to provide you with maximum benefit when carried to term.

It is possible to sell structured settlement payments entirely or in part. You should only consider this if you require a lump sum of cash for an emergency. This could be something like impending foreclosure of your home or an unavoidable loan default. Less cash will be received than the initial structured settlement’s value.

One also needs to bear in mind that there are strict regulations in regards to this kind of sale. The type of federal regulation will depend on where you stay. 60% of the states in America actually prohibit the sales of structured settlements. Practice extreme caution. Navigating through this process can be very tricky and if you do not adhere to the legalities, you can lose everything.

If you have decided that selling your structured settlement is indeed necessary you need to be extremely shrewd about who will handle this on your behalf. There are many scammers so it is important to look at reputable and trusted companies. Do as much research as possible and ask for quotes. Carefully compare all the offers on the table before you make your final decision.

Sourcing Structured Settlement Companies

A good place to start would be to look as to whether the company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The goal of the BBB provides consumers with necessary and verified information about brands, businesses, and charities. Additionally, they monitor the compliance of these companies and outline the company’s business history.

Accredited businesses and companies are listed in the BB directory.Links on their user-friendly platform are provided to source quotes all in the same place.

The BBB also give the company with a rating. This is a composite of many different aspects that are reviewed. The score is determined by necessary licensing and compliance, governmental action taken in terms of business misconduct, out of business status for a period of 3 years, records of times mail has been returned by postal services, misappropriation of the BB logo/name, advertising reviews, and bankruptcy.

The site also provides reviews from previous customers who have had personal dealings with the various companies. You are also provided the option to add your own review which is then rated as negative or positive.

A good place to start when you begin searching for structured settlement company is to look at these top 3 companies listed below:

    Business founded: 01/01/1992. BBB Accreditation: on 04/30/1996. BBB Rating: A+
    The JG Wentworth Company (LLC) has been in the business of purchasing for annuities and structured settlements 25 years. They definitely have the experience required to act as good representative and have been trading longer than the competitors listed below.
    Business founded: 04/10/2012. BBB Accreditation: on 10/21/2013. BBB Rating: A+
    Olive Branch Funding (LLC) also trades under the name Structured Originations (LLC). Specializing in structured settlements, annuities and lottery awards, this company makes use of DocuSign. Documents can be signed electronically to speed up the process of payment to you.
    Business founded: 01/03/2002. BBB File Opened: 06/05/1995. BBB Accreditation: on 11/04/2002. BBB Rating: A+
    Seneca One Finance is made of various subsidiaries namely Seneca One (LLC), Freedom First Capital (LLC) and Lumps Sum Capital (LLC). They advertise to provide you with your money within 24 hours. However, terms and conditions are applicable.