I Finally Won My Structured Settlement Case!

My name is Jonathan, a regular guy and a happy-go-lucky sort of a person who believes in living and let live. It was one of those Sundays which I seldom spend inside my home. I wish to make the most of my weekends and I am outside my home as much as I can. In fact, this is the time for me to catch up with my girlfriend and spend some intimate moments with her.

One Sunday afternoon I was with her in a local shopping mall and had great plans to make this Sunday memorable for both me and my partner. I was walking down the spacious corridors and it was a great experience untill the unexpected happened. Little did I realize that the ill lit walkways would be the reason for my having to be on the lookout for a good personal accident lawyer. The flooring in one of the walkways had chipped off and it was not visible (it happened during the dusk hours). I tripped and fell hard on my knees and I heard a distinct noise from my knees.

Little did I realize that I had fractured my knee and badly injured my knee-cap. My girlfriend and few passersby helped me stand up. But my left knee was unable to bear the weight and pain, and I fell again. With great difficulty I was put in my car and taken to a primary health care center. The events following my visit to the primary health care center helped me to understand why I needed the services of a good lawyer.

X-Rays, Scans and Plasters, Oh My

As is the case with such joint injuries, I had to undergo a host of medical tests and examinations and within a few hours I had burnt a big hole in my pocket from the expense. The doctors found out through x-rays and other examinations that it was a bad fracture. I was happy that I had an insurance policy covering such accidents, however my happiness was short live when I called up my insurance company for reimbursement.

I Was Bombarded With Questions And Queries

The plaster on my knee had hardly started settling down when my insurance company representatives, law enforcing agencies and my employers started their so called “fact finding missions”. I was confused and knew that I was being taken on the wrong route. I stopped responding to the queries and began my job of hiring an efficient and experienced personal injury lawyer. I will share with you what I learned through this process and how I was able to get the best settlement by having the right representation.

Assessing Claims

Though I was not very good in assessing insurance claims, common sense taught me one thing: Unless I got my due from the insurance companies I would be set back financially by thousands of dollars. My recovery from my injuries was not just going to take months, but was also going to be quite expensive. Because of my injury, I was unable to work, which was also causing me stress as I didn’t know how I was going to cover my bills as I would be without a paycheck during my recovery. Hence I needed the help and assistance of a professional injury lawyer who could handle my claim properly. I knew that my policy covered all these expenses but I did not know how to move forward. I was beyond stressed about it.

The Importance Of Pinning The Blame

I was open to an out-of-court settlement with the mall owners because the injury was caused due to their negligence. However, I knew that I stood no chance if I decided to fight the battle on my own. Hence, I was determined to hire the services of an experienced accident attorney. Proving that the mall owners were at fault from the legal stand point was not a simple task to say the least. I am sure I would not have made much headway without the help and support of accident attorney who suggested the proper strategy to ensure that not only were my medical expenses paid for, but also the lost wages I was going to incur.

Insurance Companies Were Not Very Cooperative

I had heard about insurance companies trying to avoid their responsibilities, but this is the first time I actually experienced it. They were not willing to cooperate and had I fought the battle on my own I perhaps would have ended with a meager settlement amount. This perhaps would not even have covered my hospitalization and other medical expenses. However, I must thank my personal accident lawyer who was able to negotiate a much higher compensation and it was well and truly worth the effort as far as hiring this professional was concerned. My lawyer also said that in order to sell structured settlement I will need to contact one of the trusted structured settlement companies and have them take care of the entire procedure so I can get my money upfront instead of over the next twenty years.

Objective Analysis

I was overcome with fear, grief, anger, shock and frustration. My mental faculties were not in the right frame, and I was had trouble sleeping. Hence under such circumstances had I taken the decision of fighting the case on my own I would have lost the case. My lawyer was extremely objective in his analysis and this certainly helped me in more ways than one.

An Action Plan That Worked

I was amazed at the speed with which my personal accident lawyer moved ahead in the case. They took all steps to ensure that I was able to get clinching evidence by pinning the blame on the mall owners. The process was clear and concise and the plan which my attorney put together not only worked to get the settlement reached, but also it relieved my stress level so I was able to sleep again.

They certainly helped me to get adequate compensation both from the insurance company and also from the mall owners (as an out-of-court settlement). I would strongly recommend hiring these professionals even if it comes with a price tag attached to it.